Realistic Digital Marketing Solutions for Small Businesses

Rob Croll Orlando Small Business Marketing ConsultantI’m Rob Croll, owner of Marlannah Digital Marketing. As a small business owner myself, I understand what it’s like to keep many plates spinning all at once, and I want to help you make sense of the dizzying array of options available to market and promote your business online.

I know that, while you may be exceptional in your industry, you probably aren’t a digital marketer – and you probably don’t have a desire to become one.

That’s why my primary goal is to help you understand your options. Then we can build a realistic strategy for maximizing the return on your time and financial investment in digital marketing.

What Is Integrated Digital Marketing?

An integrated digital marketing plan considers all the possibilities that will lead to your success online. Not just a website, but a website that converts visitors to customers. Not just a Facebook page, but a Facebook page that increases engagement with your audience. Not just email blasts, but targeted messaging that makes your readers want to do business with you.

But most importantly, not any of those things without an understanding of how each element is interconnected with the others and a strategy for making them work together.

Because small businesses don’t need more to do; they need more results.