Creating an Effective Local Search Profile

In the previous post, we discussed why it’s important for local companies doing business with local customers to have a local search profile. In this post, we’ll examine the how of putting together an effective profile.

While the process and the profile itself are fairly straightforward, it’s important to consider a number of underlying factors that can affect your placement within the local search results:
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Small Businesses – Go Local!

Thanks to the ongoing evolution of search engines like Google and Yahoo, and consumers’ ever-growing reliance on the Internet, there has never been a better time for LOCAL businesses targeting LOCAL customers to implement an effective Internet marketing strategy.

Here’s why: For certain types of searches, the web user clearly is looking for a local business. I’m unlikely, for instance, to want information about a veterinarian in Los Angeles if I live in Orlando. As a result, I’ve learned (as have many consumers) to specify an area when doing a search if I’m interested in seeing only nearby businesses. [Read more...]