Customer Appreciation Day – Everyday

I’m a big fan of JetBlue. (Though I admit I wasn’t affected by their recent fiascoes, which would probably have tainted my positive feelings.) In every experience I’ve had with them, the employees have been smart and friendly, flights were on time, and the planes were comfortable.

But here’s the thing that really pushed them to the top for me: on an early-morning flight from Orlando to Boston a while back, the free (a relevant fact here) in-flight television was intermittently out. The flight attendants apologized three times over the course of the flight. And, by the time I returned home, there was an email from the company apologizing for the inconvenience and offering me a small discount on a subsequent flight as compensation.

For free television service. On a flight where I wanted to sleep anyway!

Do something today that lets your customers know that you care about them, and that you truly want to deliver the service you promised.

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