More Reasons to Go Local

If my recent posts about local search haven’t been enough to convince you of its value, consider this: Local search is increasingly being done not just online via a computer, but also on mobile devices. Getting (and keeping) your local business listings online and up to date can position you to capitalize on this growing trend.

GOOG-411 is a free directory service that allows phone users to connect directly to local businesses. Having a strong presence in the local search results may get your business top billing when someone uses the service.

For a great, quick demo, check out this video:

The iPhone (R)Evolution
Mobile devices continue to get increasingly sophisticated, and phones (like the iPhone) now have the capability of knowing where you are using GPS. This allows applications (like the Google Mobile App) to provide you with search results based on where you are.

As a phone user, if you find yourself at the corner of Fourth and Main with a sudden craving for pepperoni pizza, your GPS-enabled phone can direct you to the nearest spot to satisfy your desire.

For business owners, it’s important to understand where these applications are getting their ‘results’ and ensure that your business is included.

More Google – Android
The Android platform is an operating system and more for mobile devices. A partnership between Google and phone manufacturer HTC is working to launch a new ‘Dream’ phone for T-Mobile in time for the 2008 holiday season.

With the launch of the Dream phone, it’s likely that we’ll be seeing even more of the GPS-enabled applications that can make local search results vitally important, especially for small businesses.

According to a Fortune / article by Scott Mortiz,

“The Android applications under development center largely on interaction between Google maps and a GPS-powered location based service.”

This suggests strongly that we’re at the beginning of what may turn out to be a significant advance in the way that local customers interact with your business.

If you’d like to find out more about getting your business listed in the local search results, call us today.

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