What Sets You Apart?

I meet lots of really terrific people every week, many of them looking for ways to grow their business. But I’m continually amazed that most of them have the same answer to a vitally important question: What sets you apart from your competition?

What would you say? If you’re like most of the people I meet, it goes something like this, “I am completely dedicated to my customers’ satisfaction, and work hard to earn the trust they place in me.”

If I walked down the street, your competitor would say pretty much the same thing. [Read more...]

Does Customer Service Still Matter?

When I graduated from college (no need to get into specifics here; let’s just say it was a while ago), I went immediately to work for a small investment management company.

Each of the 12 people who worked for the company when I joined could probably write a book about the funny (in hindsight) antics that took place there. The president of the company was, to put it gently, a bit eccentric and completely unpredicatable.

But the company was very successful, weathering the storms of the financial markets. I credit that in large part to their incredible dedication to client service. [Read more...]