What Sets You Apart?

I meet lots of really terrific people every week, many of them looking for ways to grow their business. But I’m continually amazed that most of them have the same answer to a vitally important question: What sets you apart from your competition?

What would you say? If you’re like most of the people I meet, it goes something like this, “I am completely dedicated to my customers’ satisfaction, and work hard to earn the trust they place in me.”

If I walked down the street, your competitor would say pretty much the same thing. And the competitor on the next street, too. Every one of them says they’re customer-focused because they believe that matters to people, and it does.

But it doesn’t set you apart from your competition to just say it.

If you have great customer service, don’t hesitate to tout it, but be aware that everyone else is saying it too. To stand apart, you need real examples. Have you done something truly extraordinary for a customer? Do you have a testimonial about how you really, truly, honestly made a difference?

Remember: saying that you’re different in a way that everyone else claims to be different doesn’t really make you stand out.

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