Local SEO / Mobile

Local Search Engine Optimization / Mobile Review
Google reports that about 20% of all search activity has ‘local intent,’ meaning that the searcher is looking for a business in close physical proximity to them. If your business targets a local market, it’s vital that you take the steps necessary to ensure that those potential customers can find you.

Local results are also important for businesses whose customers might find them using a mobile device like a smartphone. And since there’s little doubt that mobile usage will only continue to grow, businesses that don’t adapt to this evolving consumer behavior risk being left behind.

And all that doesn’t even consider the potential for developing mobile apps that might help you build an even stronger relationship with your customers.

Let me help you see where your business stands in this growing space and outline a path to success for the future. Each Local / Mobile Review is customized to your business, and includes an honest assessment that prioritizes where you can expect the most return.