Small Business Internet Marketing Strategy

It’s no longer enough to have a website and hope that potential customers will find you online. The world is changing, and your customers’ actions and expectations are changing right along with it.

Now, they may search for what they need on Facebook, seek customer service on Twitter or want to interact with you on your blog. They might write reviews about you on sites you’ve never even heard of or ‘check in’ with location-based services to let their friends know where they are.

That’s why a truly successful online program begins with a plan. You need to understand not only who your customers are, but also where they are online and how you can best reach them. You need to understand what your competition is doing online and what the best practices for your industry are.

More than any of that, though, you must either get up to speed with your options for utilizing the Internet or find a trusted partner who can help you succeed with a creative approach that sets you apart from your competition and makes customers want to do business with you.

What does an Internet marketing strategy include?

You’ll get a customized strategy report that will put you on the road to success with your digital marketing efforts.

I will personally meet with you in a one-hour session during which we will review your business goals and objectives, your (perceived) competition both online and off, and any other specifics that relate to your individual business.

Then, I will conduct a review of:

  • Your website (if one exists) and the likelihood of people finding you online
  • The competitive landscape for your business online
  • Potential opportunities for capitalizing on the power of the Internet

The deliverable is a customized report that you can use to begin improving your success online.